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I would like to welcome you to the world of Reborn Babies. These little angels are all hand made with a lot of love and caring, to give them the most life-like feel and appearance. Each one of these angels, started out a plain baby doll which was worked on and loved until it became a real live reborn with all the love and caring out there. They are now collectibles and made to be that - not toys for a child.

Precious Newborns & Toddlers are put together so that they are special angels. They can have their hair brushed and styled and can wear real baby clothes. They have the weight of a real baby and people are often confused as to whether they are real or not. It's an amazing transformation that these little angels go through. When they come together they are just like a real baby, without all the bad stuff. No diapers to change here...unless you want to.

I have made many of these little angels. I have a nursery where you can look at ones that are available now and ones that have been adopted ones. I hope there will be the one to steal your heart and bring you a lifetime of joy.

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