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I feel reborns should look life like and not like dolls. Sometimes too much paint diminishes the effect of what could be a beautiful reborn. I try to incorporate a natural technique for my reborns, sort of like what you would see in hospital pictures.

I don't feel the need to go over board on very frilly dresses. Usually when they arrive at their new home, their mothers redress them to make their experience more personal.I dress them as if they are spending the day at home. I would rather save new mommies money by making a quality reborn and be more affordable than put out an inferior baby with expensive outfits.

I am honored to have won several awards.
I have been honored to be featured in an edition of Discover Dolls Magazine.

I have also been honored to have two of my tutorials also published in magazines.

I am honored to have been published in three
magazines in their Reborn Showcases.



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