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OK for all you people Looking at buying a reborn toddler... Here is some food for thought...
So even if I charged the FAIR WAGE in USA, this would be the cost of reborning a toddler.

Kit preparation under 1 hour x $15.00 = $15.00
Rooting hair 30 hours x $15.00= $450.00
Paint the toddler 10 hours x $15.00=$150.00
Putting baby together 1 hour x $15.00= $15.00
I have never timed it but guessing

TOTAL Labor $630.00

Now there is still the costs of paint, kit, stuffing, glass beads,...
This kit alone cost $140 and up
cloth body $25
glass beads & poly pellets $10 stuffing about the same give or take.
Then if the kit has eyes and lashes they are around $40.
Human Hair $200.00
Clothing Outfit $50.00
Glue, paint, power to run lights and computer etc, clothes, nappy, booklet or anything extra that comes with the toddler.

Supply costs $465.00
And supplies (This will vary)
(I have not included the incidentals clothes booklets etc.)

So with costs &
Labor worked on the min wage
So our toddlers comes in at $1095.00

This does not take into account the years of practice and skill it takes to do a reborn and bare in mind I have worked this out on the MIN WAGE which reborning is definitely not unskilled labor, but just making a point.

So you can see that reborns are largely a labor of love... So next time before you go to ask for a price drop think of all the work and money that has gone into these little ones.

I am also aware that there are cheap reborns out there and horses for courses... But just trying to raise awareness of the love and time that goes into a good reborn. Just remember when you buy a cheap reborn you get what you pay for there.

Thanks for reading and feel free to share!
Have a great day!

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